Best practice fact sheets

Best practice fact sheets have been developed within the project. The purpose of the catalogue is to show in a simple and visible way the European countries’ experience in promoting the use of renewable energy sources in transport and the results achieved.

The Best practice fact sheets are available here.

Webinar “Will sustainability of the transport sector make it possible to achieve climate neutrality in 2050”

Energy consumption in the transport sector in Latvia has been growing steadily over the last five years. Despite using various support instruments, the share of renewable energy sources in the transport sector is low (4.7% in 2018). At the seminar, we will assess the possibilities of achieving the energy and climate targets for transport by 2030, bearing in mind the climate neutrality target in the Green Deal in 2050. The results of the last half a year of the project will be presented. The seminar will focus on three aspects – biogas, modern biofuels and electromobility.

Webinar-discussion “WILL SUSTAINABILITY OF THE TRANSPORT SECTOR MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE CLIMATE NEUTRALITY IN 2050” will be held on Tuesday, June 16, from 14:00 to 16:00 on the MS Teams platform.


Register for the webinar here.

Participation in CONECT 2020

This year, from May 13 to 15, the international scientific conference CONECT (International scientific conference Power and Electrical Engineering) was held. Several studies relating to the results of the project “Sustainable and renewable transport policy formulation in Latvia” were presented at the conference:

  • A. Veipa, V. Kirsanovs, A. Barisa. Techno-economical analysis of biofuel plants producing biofuels using Fisher Tropsch synthesis.
  • K. Bumbiere, A. Gancone, S. Vasarevicius, V. Kirsanovs, J. Pubule, D. Blumberga. Ranking of Bioresources for Biogas Production.
  • L. Rozentale, G.B. Mo, A. Gravelsins, C. Rochas, J. Pubule, D. Blumberga, System dynamics modeling of railway electrification in Latvia.

Electronic catalogue of RES-T technologies

An electronic catalogue of renewable energy sources in transport technologies (RES-T) was created within the project. The catalogue of technologies includes solutions for the use of RES in transport, which are currently available in the market and are used in Europe and in the world. The use of modern vehicles will foster the achievement of the targets set in the transport sector.

See the catalogue HERE.

Seminar-discussion on the development of the biogas sector for the needs of transport energy

The transport sector consumes about a third of the total energy consumption in Latvia, and this energy is mainly of fossil origin. At the same time, the single European Union targets aim to reach 14% of the share of renewable energy in transport by 2030. Recent practices have shown that the wider entrance of renewable energy in the transport sector is slow.

In the seminar discussion, we will meet industry representatives to strengthen the practical usability of scientific approaches. The Seminar-discussion “Development of the biogas sector for the needs of transport energy” will be held on Thursday, October 17, from 14:15 to 16:15 at the RSU Faculty of Electrical and Environmental Engineering, Āzenes iela 12/1, Riga. Registration from 14:00.


Participation in the seminar is free of charge, please apply in advance by registering here.

Report on the development of the biogas sector

Within the framework of the project, a report on the development of the biogas sector for transport energy needs has been prepared and submitted to the Ministry of Economics on 16 September.

We congratulate A.Safronova on her Bachelor degree!

We gladly inform that the student of the Riga Technical University A.Safronova has defended with excellence her Bachelor thesis “Assessment of the potential of the use of biomethane in transport in Latvia” and obtained a Bachelor degree in Environmental Sciences.

European Transport Conference

The 4muLATe report for participation in the European Transport Conference, which will be held in autumn in Dublin, has been approved. The conference brings together academics and practitioners of the industry from all over Europe to discuss different pressing matters, incl. industry policy, best practice examples, technologies and much more.

International CONECT Conference

This year, from May 15 to 17, the international scientific conference CONECT (International scientific conference Power and Electrical Engineering) was held. The project manager A.Barisa spoke in the panel session on the use of modelling tools with a report on policy instruments to support the production of biomethane in Latvia. 

A.Barisa, A.Safronova, V.Kirsanovs “Future transport policy designs for biomethane promotion: A System Dynamics model”.

Public lecture “Greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector”

This year, on April 3, there was a public lecture, where the project manager A.Barisa told about greenhouse gas emissions and energy efficiency in the transport sector. The lecture presentation material is available on the website, in the Results section.