Participation in CONECT 2020

This year, from May 13 to 15, the international scientific conference CONECT (International scientific conference Power and Electrical Engineering) was held. Several studies relating to the results of the project “Sustainable and renewable transport policy formulation in Latvia” were presented at the conference:

  • A. Veipa, V. Kirsanovs, A. Barisa. Techno-economical analysis of biofuel plants producing biofuels using Fisher Tropsch synthesis.
  • K. Bumbiere, A. Gancone, S. Vasarevicius, V. Kirsanovs, J. Pubule, D. Blumberga. Ranking of Bioresources for Biogas Production.
  • L. Rozentale, G.B. Mo, A. Gravelsins, C. Rochas, J. Pubule, D. Blumberga, System dynamics modeling of railway electrification in Latvia.